Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas All!

Merry Christmas to anyone milling around the web today!

What I most appreciate about Christmas is not the great significance the day has for us today in retrospect--typified by angelic hosts, rich Magi and jealous kings.  What I appreciate the most is the insignificance of the original day, the sense that God visited little nowhere places like Bethlehem and Nazareth, under the cloud of scandal to a woman who was not married, noticed primarily by shepherd outcasts who happened to be nearby.

Who is there in any place that God does not care about?


::athada:: said...

There's none too poor,
too dirty,
too broken,
Too naked,
too stupid,
too drunken,
to be thrown outside His love!
(Aaron Strumpel)

Glory to God in the highest!
Gloria a Dios en lo alto!

Rick said...

Merry Christmas to you.

JohnM said...

Merry Christmas. I've got some chicken baking as I type. Cause I'm a man and I can do that! ;) Peace to all.