Sunday, November 14, 2010

Short Catechism: God as Creator

Brief chat today about God as creator.  What does it mean to say that God is creator?

"That he made everything."

"Did He make that car?"


"I thought the car came from a factory."

"God made the factory."

"I thought the people dug in the ground and then built the building.  How about God made all the materials?"


"And God made science, the rules for what materials do.  So God doesn't make everything directly.  He made the materials and the rules and then gave everything a push."

When God was making the world, He had a choice.  Do I make people into robots, so that they are my slaves who do whatever I make them do?  Or do I let them choose, which of course means that some of them will not make good choices.

So God decided to give people choices.  And that's why bad things happen in the world.  Because some people make bad choices. 

But then again, some people make good choices too!

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