Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SBL Day 4 (2010)

By complete coincidence, I'm sitting next to James McGrath, good friend and fellow Dunnite, on the plane ride back to Indy from SBL (who is also blogging ;-).  I missed the bibliobloggers session yesterday he presented at (argh!).

Delta's giving free Wi-Fi on this flight in the name of Google Chrome this Thanksgiving season.  And now that I've left the hotel, let me make fun of the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta for charging us for drinking water, I mean charging for wireless in the hotel room.  So most of the time everyone went down to the Peachtree Center, which actually exists in the twenty-first century ;-)

But if that isn't all, I broke down the final day to do some grading in the room.  Come to find out, the Hyatt has two different rates for wireless the room.  A 10 buck rate to IM people and do some simple stuff at a slow rate and a "business" one at almost $13 to get full bandwidth and email with attachments.  Then my roomate, Eric Key, a student at Wesley, tried to get on in the room and they were going to charge him too to get on!

Today's twentieth century award goes to the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta.  In the sentiments of Eric's wife, Even cheap hotels offer free Wi-Fi.

Anyway, I went to the Philo Group this morning, which is always a delight for me.  It is just amazing how well these Philo scholars know their texts and the secondary literature.  There were presenters from Italy, Israel, and US, and John Barclay of Durham responded.

Then a seemless retraction from Atlanta, with my bulky carry on adequately stowed overhead, and free Wi-Fi in the air (and, let me say, I've been shocked to find Delta on time both to and from).  Today's twenty-first century award goes to Delta ;-)

Now back to work...


Angie Van De Merwe said...

Business "Class" charge business prices! I'm sure that Hyatt has more business people that have to have and so have to pay for WiFi, than other hotels. Other hotels are competing for business from anyone...

clayknick said...

Lisa & I found the same thing with wireless in Norfolk at the Marriott during Annual Conf. Silly.

Dave Smith said...

I so miss being with you guys this year. You make SBL come alive!!!!