Monday, November 22, 2010

SBL Day 2 (2010)

I enjoyed Day 2 much more than Day 1.  I went to the Pauline Epistles section in the morning and heard Troels Engberg-Petersen, Stanley Stowers, and Edward Adams on Paul's cosmology.  Then I went to Philo and heard Eric Gruen.  These sessions reminded me why I come to SBL--because there are research scholars out there who know entire bodies of ancient literature like my family knows Harry Potter ;-)

I ran into compatriots of mine from other seminaries--had lunch with Gary Cockerill of Wesley Biblical and had a few minutes chat with David Bauer of Asbury (not to mention one of my closest friends, Bill Patrick, of Asbury Orlando, here showing the SBL flora and fauna to his son).  Stopped in at the bibliobloggers "dinner" (which was really just hanging out at a pub). 

Then the annual Durham reception was outstanding as usual.  As John Barclay put it, Durham graduates are indeed very loyal, and it was a great visit with old friends indeed.


Darrell Pursiful said...

Sorry I missed you at the "dinner." I must have left before you arrived.

The Hebrews session you chaired was very good, and I must say you did a great job riding heard on so many presenters!

Darrell Pursiful said...

Or "herd" as they usually spell it.