Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Padilla at Association of Theological Schools

I'm in Montreal this week at the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) meeting. One of the issues of great interest to many of us is where ATS will go with certain of its current requirements. Will it continue to require half of seminary degrees be done onsite somewhere (there are already exceptions)? Will it continue to require full libraries on branch sites?

Alvin Padilla, Dean at Gordon-Conwell, gave a very controversial presentation today, I thought, that pushed for the kinds of changes I think will be necessary for seminaries to survive and thrive going forward. I would be very interested, though, to know how he was received by the rest of those in the room!

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Mark Schnell said...

I would be interested to know how he was received by the faculty at GCTS, at least on the main campus. The vast majority of them turn up their noses at anything that smacks of non-traditional seminary eductaion.