Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Greek Alphabet Video

Greek for Ministry begins next week, a new experimental course happening both online and onsite in Indianapolis on Tuesday nights for 8 weeks. The first week covers pronouncing Greek words, what an interlinear and an analytical is, as well as key connecting words.

The first vidcast lecture is up: http://interactive.ihets.org/p48469913.

I might also mention two posts I put up yesterday on the seminary Dean's blog, one on the new cohorts in town this week and the other my continued writing on a great time for the Wesleyan tradition.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to provide link for downloadimg the file.

Would love to learn something about Greek at my leisure hours,

Ken Schenck said...

I do not at this time have access to these files in a downloadable form (although I have heard the powers that be might be able to make mov files out of them). In the end, I shouldn't post all the lectures because there are students paying to take a class. I probably will post some of them, though.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the sincere reply, I can probably use computer tricks to capture the file if I wanted to, but of course with some work. I was assuming you might be posting all the lessons, which will be a lot easier and faster to download if it can be put up. But since this is restricted in a sense, it is understandable.