Saturday, January 09, 2010

You are Adam

No, not the Adam of Garden of Eden fame, although you are him too. I just couldn't think of a better title.

My wife and I watched a move called Adam this morning. I enjoyed it but my wife hated the ending. I'm not necessarily recommending you see it.

In the movie, Adam is a 29 year old man with Asperger's syndrome, although he is highly functioning, can hold down a job, etc. But there are things he doesn't see. He doesn't get humor very well. He has difficulty knowing when his banter about astrophysics is absolutely boring. He doesn't get the concept of holding your tongue very well--or of white lies. He is completely honest--which gets him into trouble socially.

The movie is a drama, not a comedy, but it's not too dramatic. It won't win any awards. But it occurred to me that one of the problems we all have is that we all are like Adam but we don't realize it.

There are things we are good at, things we "get." But almost all of us have blind spots, areas where we don't realize we don't get it. And, ironically, these are often the areas where we think everyone else is stupid!

It is a simple observation--this is an area where someone else can do X just as easy as a fish swims in water. You probably have some of these areas too--where you're the fish in water. Your blind spot might be the weakness that goes with your Fish-Strength.

So in what area of life do you have "Blind Spot Syndrome"?


Brian Small said...

You wrote:

"So in what area of life do you have "Blind Spot Syndrome"?"

If I knew that, then it wouldn't be a blind spot, would it? :-)

Ken Schenck said...