Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Does God rig elections?

Interesting election tonight in Massachusetts. I get the impression the loser deserved to lose. But was this an act of God? To stop the health care bill? To steer it?

I would never venture an answer to such questions. The same group one year can speak of God's hand and vindication. Then the next election they might have to attribute the result to Satan. Does God rig elections? Maybe. But I doubt you or I will ever know for sure when and why.

It would seem odd to claim God's hand in victory with the election of Brown if--assuming the likely position of the person who would say this--God wasn't able to pull off the election of McCain.

But who knows? Maybe God is behind this result--God, whose ways are past finding out...


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog this evening. Interesting thoughts. I do not like your idea of God rigging elections; sounds like the Supreme, Almighty Loving Father and Creator would take away his children's ability for free will to choose someone in office (I did root for Brown, however). For all the trouble we're seeing with the President, perhaps it is all in Divine Order and not a manipulation of the Divine, since now Americans are awake to their voices, their rights, and the foundations of this country that seemed to have been buried under our obsessions with materialism, athletics and the entertainment industry prior to Obama. Under McCain's presidency, hypothetically speaking, would we--Americans--have woken up to exercise our rights and free will as citizens? Would we not be crying out for justice, shaking the chains of sleep that has befallen on the country over the past decade? If God had 'rigged' this election, that would be an illustration of a manipulative God who interferes with his children's free will, limiting our personal power to use our gifts and the Word to bring forth Justice on earth. However, God Bless America-- we're able to voice our opinions, such as your own here.

Anonymous said...

If this is a question you dare not answer, why is it a question that you dared to ask?

Ken Schenck said...

:-) I'm sure someone will say this somewhere. Asking questions is seldom a bad thing, if they are asked sincerely. The more common problem is assuming answers without realizing there is a question or offering answers without really addressing the strength of a question.

P-Squared said...

I was in Bible college when Bill Clinton was first elected. One of my professors said something along these lines, "God allows us to have the leaders we want because those are the leaders we usually deserve." I always thought of Israel asking for a king "just like the other nations" and ending up with Saul.

Jason said...

People say this nation has been blessed by God given our prosperity and our unprecedented freedoms, but I don't know if they've taken into account the following:
*If it was God's will for us to have this country, then it follows that we had the divine right to slaughter, rape, pillage, sicken, and exile scores of indigenous peoples who were here first, in order to get it.
*If it was God's will to make us prosperous, then it follows that he also approved of white Americans achieving a great deal of that prosperity from the blood and toil of slaves who were subjected to some of the worst indignities known to mankind, since the institution of slavery was one of the biggest boons to America's early prosperity.
*If it is God's will that we enjoy unprecedented freedoms, then it follows that we have his permission to invade any country we choose in order to protect an abstract concept, even if that country has not done much of anything to provoke such a response. And as guarantors of said freedom, we have the divine right to police the world, despite the fact that God has allowed every other imperial state with in human history with similar ambitions to be destroyed.
Suffice it to say, since I don't believe in a God who would approve of any of these activities, much less give it his blessing, I don't believe God really is blessing this nation. Does a rich banker who enforces policies that exploit the poor think God is the reason for his wealth? What does Jesus have to say about wealth and riches again? What, according to the Bible, is the root of all evil?
At any rate, thought-provoking post, and I don't presume to know the mind of God and what he cares or doesn't care about, but personally I'm convinced he doesn't give a rip about an election in Massachusetts.

Angie Van De Merwe said...

"God rigs elections" is the belief of the SMUG. They think that their man wins and gives God credit. And when things don't go their way, then God isn't to blame, I guess in spite of what scripture says that "God doesn't sleep". Or maybe there was some unknown wrong with the candidate in the first place...These are responses of Job's comforters, indeed.