Thursday, January 14, 2010

Best Steaks in Marion

Everyone's a critic...

I hardly ever order steaks anywhere in Marion or in Kokomo. I don't like Outback steaks or Texas Roadhouse steaks. I don't like Ruth Chris Steakhouse steaks.

The best steaks in Marion, in my unsophisticated opinion, are from Sirloin Stockade. And the best steaks I know in Indianapolis, in my uncultured opinion, are from O'Charlies. In my uneducated opinion, you'll do better than most of the 20 dollar steak places if you marinate your steaks for a few minutes in Soy Sauce before cooking them yourself.

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#John1453 said...



I live around the corner from what are acknowledged as the two best meat shops in Toronto (City of 2.5 million). If you ever have to pass through our burg, I'll make sure you get to eat the best steaks available in Canada. Dry rub spices only; NO marinade. Aged properly. Correct thickness. Proper marbling. Organic. Locally farmed. Never frozen.

And please, if you don't eat your steaks rare, don't put me in agony by admitting it.