Thursday, December 31, 2009

Winter 2010 Blogging Resolutions

1. Be nice nice.
Sometimes I feel like Hawkeye in that MASH episode where he proves he can be serious for an entire day. There is so much material out there for sarcastic humor, and I'm good at it when I'm on a roll. Maybe I missed my true calling...

But it's not really appropriate for the Dean of a seminary. By God's grace I'll do my darnedest to let most of it just flow on by. When significant political events happen, I'll try just to report them without bleeding over into my hunches too much and I'll be nice to Craig Moore even when he's begging for a spanking :-)

2. The Year of Josephus
I've dipped into Josephus repeatedly of course, but I have never read his entire corpus from front to end. I've set up a blog, not to post every day, but to give me a reading schedule to get through Josephus in a year. It turns out to be about 34 paragraphs a day.

3. Dunn's Remembering Jesus... again
I didn't get through this volume last year. By goal is to get through it by Easter... again.

There are many others, but I'll leave it at that. I hope to post something toward writing goals at least every other day or so. January is philosophy. We'll see what shakes out after that.

Have a blessed New Year!

1 comment:

Craig Moore said...

Ken, me begging for a spanking from you? That sounds kind of weird, think I will pass. I too resolve to be kind, polite and tolerant of your views that I consider wrong, naive and annoying.

I agree, being the Dean of a seminary and an "entirely" sanctified Wesleyan I expect only Perfect Love and not spankings from you:)