Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Entrepeneurian Starters: Math Gaming

Man, it's going to be fun to learn math and science in the future, and the nation that gets to it first will rule the world. I can see it. I can imagine it. I just don't have the technical know how to write the games.

If you could take my son's love of Wii and Playstation and convert it into a game that required him to learn how to repair an X-wing fighter plane, to calculate what angle he had to set the artillery at to hit a target... if there were a game that involved repairing DNA or atoms... or that helped him bond molecules together or make the right antiviral to kill some microbe... it might not be as fun as light saber dualing but it could be a lot more fun than any chemistry or physics or calc class the world has ever seen.

It can be done in a way that is fun for those who have even a basic capacity for this sort of thing... And here let me mock those who make fun of people who like these sorts of things. There's nothing wrong with them as long as they, like you, do their chores and share their toys. You just may not be smart enough to experience these things as fun. It's about time to put in their place the "funists," the masses with fun prejudice who somehow have convinced themselves that most smart people are odd because they can to do things they can't. I'll let you think getting so drunk you can't walk straight is really funny if you'll allow that some people touch the universe with their minds... and you don't. Morons.

Such people aren't players in the future. They're takers, users, those that enjoy the inventions of the people they made fun of in high school. I'm talking about the future here and those who will make it. "Gaming is the future of education," and those who succeed will rule the world.

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