Monday, August 24, 2009

What happened in the 90s?

I'm trying to expose my 8 and 9 year old to history and decided to move backward each week, since I doubt seriously they are really in any position to understand something like a century, let alone 2000 years ago. Do I even understand 2000 years?

Last week I talked to them about the 00s. I showed them video of 9-11 and the tsunami. Didn't really manage to convey the Great Recession but oh well.

So today's the 90's, trying to get them to understand their lifespan doubled. My first brainstorm came up with:

Clinton, Rwanda, U.S.S. Cole, the first trade center bombing, and the internet.

Then I cheated a little and added Oklahoma City, the first Gulf War, Columbine, Waco, Somalia, and Kosovo.

What to share of these?! I think the internet, Rwanda, and Oklahoma City.

Me, I taught Greek at Asbury, lived in England for three years, Germany one semester, got a doctorate, taught in Sierra Leone for two months, got married, and got a job teaching philosophy at Indiana Wesleyan University, then slipped into the New Testament.

What were you doing in the 90s?


Bryan L said...

When I think about the 90's I always think about Grunge rock and the way it changed music.

Bryan L

Jared said...

You don't wanna know what I was doing.

jeff said...

Really long hair shaved on the sides to enhance the "cool" effect. I played bass in a series of metal bands. Should have known it was not for me. First place I played burned down not 2 weeks later. 2nd the owner ran off with our money. then the time the 2nd story warehouse we were playing a show in threatened collapse due to overcrowding. The ice storm at the one place. And the finale had to be the big outdoor KY show. between the shotgun blast, the money disappearring (again) and the sheriff letting us know in no uncertain terms we were never set foot in the county again, the thought began occuring to me that maybe I wasn't cut out for this. Come to think of it...I'm glad the 90's are over.

::athada:: said...

I would mention China - the 90's perhaps when the industrialization of over 1 billion people was gaining steam and the 00's when it exploded, culminating in the 2008 Olympics.

China probably again in the '10's. Hopefully for something good.

Burton Webb said...

Sounds like your view of the 90s is pretty pessimistic. Are they going to see history as one disaster after another?

How about mentioning balanced budgets and low deficits? Maybe talk about Michael Jackson's good years - the 90s. Or the emergence of country music into the mainstream. Maybe the triumph (?) of praise bands in church - drums in church!

In the 90's I wsa doing the same stuff you were, earning a PhD and then getting a job.