Monday, July 06, 2009

Two New Schenck Blogs

Yes, I know, I have way too many blogs on my dashboard. Most of them are ones I created for classes I was teaching. Blogger has a new feature where you can export a blog, so at some point I'll go through and save those old class things and delete the old blogs.

Anyway, two new blogs:

1. Wesleyan Seminary Blog
I probably won't continue to call it that after the name of the new seminary is officially announced, but it works for now. I'll be posting weekly seminary development updates there, deo volente, on Monday mornings. Mine will likely be of an academic nature as there may eventually be a more macro seminary blog.

The first post is up on the blog.

2. Novel Blog: Fragmented Chaos
I have started I don't know how many novels. It has to be about 30. I'm a fair story teller, especially with children... probably not as good a novel writer.

Anyway, I had this idea of posting a page of a novel a day on a blog, but no more than a chapter at a time. Then I thought I would have a link for those who were willing to donate a few pennies to read more than was posted ("fragments to date"). So I monetized the above blog.

I have about 50 pages of material already (so I wouldn't have to do much new on it for about two months), based on a novel I started a while back called H2 O2. Anyway, the first chapter is already uploaded and scheduled to post one page a day for the next 6 days. Assuming the system is working, you can donate 99 cents to get the whole week's chapter through PayPal right now. If anyone is foolhearty enough to do it, I'd love to know if it works.


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