Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Seminary Vision (6-30-09):

The next of the IWU Seminary videos is "personalized."

So far we've featured the Missional, Communal, Integrated, and Spiritually Enriching vidcasts. Today we feature the Personalized one.

Three points immediately come to mind in how the program at IWU is personalized.

1. It requires you to do regular action research on your own congregation, youth group, small group, etc.

The research is thus not primarily hypothetical or case study-ish. It is sociological research you do with your congregation every week. The strategic plans you formulate are plans for a real church. And of course if you mess up, real people get upset with you. That's a personalized education.

2. You do not have to move from where you are.

You can do most of the program online, only coming to campus for two weeks out of the year to satisfy residency. That means you remain in your life space rather than uprooting to a vacuum.

3. You have 15 hours of electives that you can carve into your own specialty.

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