Saturday, May 09, 2009

Lovely evening at Southern Wesleyan University

I visited my undergraduate alma mater today, Southern Wesleyan University, in Central, South Carolina. It's about four miles from Clemson University. It has to have been about twenty years since I've been here, sad to say. I saw some faces I hadn't seen in a very long time, drove around places.

It's funny what you remember and what you don't of your past. I feel like a much different person than I was twenty some years ago (I wonder which one of me will be resurrected?). Youth is wasted on the young. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and ring my neck (I hear that Spock does that in the new Star Trek movie--maybe I haven't changed as much as I think, having just referred to Star Trek :-).

Random memories pop up. I hate to say I probably didn't get to know too many people very well at that age. I regret that about high school too. I think I'm less in my own world than ever, but back then, man. I really didn't get to know people very well.

One of my favorite college profs, Bob Black, described me tonight as Kramer from Seinfeld with a PhD or maybe Norton from the Honeymooners. Ha!

IWU is a great Christian university. Hard to beat for an evangelical religion division. Sure, the faculty at Wheaton have written more books. But I doubt they're better teachers, and I certainly doubt whether they are more in touch with God. I can't imagine there is an evangelical religion division in the world better all around than the one at IWU.

But if you pass up IWU, it would be hard to beat the atmosphere of Southern. The campus of IWU is amazing, but Southern has hills. Despite the beautiful buildings of IWU, SWU has to win the award for the more beautiful campus. And there are lots of beautiful lakes and mountains nearby. And the flowers at Clemson in the Spring are amazing. Then there's southern hospitality.

So here's to SWU, a beautiful place with beautiful people!


Mark Schnell said...

At least he didn't call you George!!

Ken Schenck said...


Angie Van De Merwe said...

I think "beautiful place and beautiful people" is the slogan on S.C.'s license plate! Just think if we get a "real centalization" of our government, the States won't have their distinctives, how sad...on one hand, but then, it's easier to keep up with those "loose ones"!

Anonymous said...

Ken: Thanks for your kind comments about your undergraduate alma mater. It's hard for me to believe that there is a better religion faculty than the great group of men and women we have at Southern! Speaking as one of your former classmates, yes, you did get to know some of us, and we are all better for it. I told my parents after the alumni banquet on Saturday that you are certainly one of the greatest and brightest students that SWU has ever produced, and we are justifiably proud of you and all that you have accomplished! I still remember insights about Hebrews that I learned from you many years ago. Keep writing those books and articles, and come back to SWU more often. We miss you. Keith Smith

Ken Schenck said...

:-) It was good to see you after a dozen years, Keith...