Monday, March 02, 2009

Latin for Insomniacs 1

I do hope to get the next Wright post here late afternoon. I only have two students in second year Latin this semester, so I made a deal with them that if they did not happen to be in class the Friday before break (as I knew at least one of them was already planning), I would go over the remaining exercises from the two chapters we did Wednesday in video form.

So if you need help going to sleep, happen to be doing Wheelock at some other university, or need to do therapy from past Latin scars. Here's fifteen minutes of joy...

Wheelock evens that we didn’t finish in class.

The paragraphs: Caesar’s Gallic War and Martial on the good life

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Ken Schenck said...

O wretched man that I am. I'm sure you all spotted that potentissimo is the correct superlative for number 16 in the English to Latin (long o for the ablative). My apologies to Dr. Jane Phillips at the University of Kentucky, who bares no blame for my multas culpas Latinas.