Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A good Calvin quote (can it be?)

"The Anthropomorphites, also, who imagined a corporeal God from the fact that Scripture often ascribes to him a mouth, ears, eyes, hands, and feet, are easily refuted. For who even of slight intelligence does not understand that, as nurses commonly do with infants, God is wont in a measure to 'lisp' in speaking to us? Thus such forms of speaking do not so much express clearly what God is like as accommodate the knowledge of him to our slight capacity. To do this he must descend far beneath his loftiness."


Angie Van De Merwe said...

So, in anthropomorphism, Calvin is saying that God resides in the human being.

In serving justice, then we are seeking justice in the political realm, which I agree, but it is much more than what Scriptures limit it to...the poor. It is also about social issues of all kinds And the debate is one that is fought in the political realm.

Bob MacDonald said...

John Hobbins is seeking out words so carefully about God and the human but this quote from Rachel at the Velveteen Rabbi has my vote for understanding the mystery - the bagelisation of God.