Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Planet of the Apes Day

Anyone remember when Charleton Heston lands on the Planet of the Apes (which of course turns out to be Earth in the future). The highly evolved race of apes (which impossibly come from themselves--in the final sequence the father of the race turns out to be the child of future apes) cut open humans' brains and remove their thinking capacity.

That's how I feel today, like a human with my brain cut out.

There is some good news, which I'll share before taking a nap hopefully to reset my brain's hard drive. I've been desperately working on an article on mediation and mediators for the New Interpreter's Bible Dictionary with Abingdon. I thought it was due last Friday, but since I had been desperately trying to finish my dissertation index, I hadn't had a chance to get writing on it till what I thought was the due date.

Turns out it isn't due till July 15th. I'm going to bed now...


Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

Get some rest. I have the same 7/15 deadline for my article on "Signs and wonders."


Ken Schenck said...

Today was one of those days when I felt like a fraud as a "teacher." Hey, I bet you had a lot more to say about the miracles topic at the symposium if that's your article topic...

By the way, for anyone interested, Joel Green had somewhat of a surprise surgery last week with a ventral hernia, if memory serves. I'm sure he would appreciate your prayers.