Monday, June 25, 2007

Paul 3.7

The trip east was significantly more difficult without Titus. He was young and strong and without him Silas and I were forced to carry added weight. But like Abraham, I believed the Lord would provide.

After passing through the Cilician gates and spending a short time in Derbe, we arrived at the home of Eunice in Lystra. When the evening of the Lord's Day came on Saturday night, her house was filled with people from all over the city, both Jews and Gentiles. Eunice herself was a Jew, but her husband was a Greek and had not yet believed in the good news of Jesus the Messiah. We broke bread together and then after supper shared the one cup.

Then we met again in the morning at dawn to sing hymns to Christ. It was at that time that Lois, Eunice's mother, brought a word of prophecy to us. She told us that the Lord was setting apart her grandson Timothy for the work of the ministry, that God wanted him to go with us as we spread the gospel.

He felt the call of God as well, and his mother agreed. We were only worried to know what his father would say.

But then God worked a miracle. The next week his father Demetrius confessed Jesus as Lord and was baptized into Christ. He eagerly committed Timothy to the ministry.

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