Friday, June 22, 2007

Paul 3.6

Just before we were to leave the city, a man arrived from Antioch with bad news. Titus' father Jason had suddenly died. His mother had sent an urgent message with this Christian merchant that she and the family needed him to return to the city to help with the family.

Titus' face was downcast and torn. He recalled the words of Jesus about leaving one's father and mother for the kingdom.

"But God doesn't always call us to leave our families behind," Silas encouraged him. "You are young, and Christ surely will not return until the gospel is preached to all the nations. Go set your house in order. There will be a time when you will join us again."

Titus looked at me. I discerned that my opinion could sway him either way.

"Do what you believe God requires of you," I said. "If He calls you to go, he will send Silas and us another co-worker."

After two days of prayer and fasting, Titus concluded that God willed him to return to Antioch. So he did.

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