Thursday, June 07, 2007

Paul 3.3

The Holy Spirit then make it very clear to me who I would ask to accompany me on the next mission. Silas was a Greek speaking Jew who agreed with me that the Jerusalem letter was a step back rather than forward for the gospel. He was better suited than Barnabas to bring the gospel to the Gentiles.

Then Titus, if he could join us, would be an excellent assistant. We would use him not only to help carry our supplies, but after the letter to the Galatians it had become clear to me how helpful it would be to have a secretary around to draft letters. I had hopes that Titus might be able to do this for the sake of the gospel.

Both Silas and Titus were excited at the idea. And Titus' father, Jason, was honored to see God's hand on his son's life. We took a couple weeks to gather supplies and then headed north toward my home country of Cilicia and the city of Tarsus.

The trip from Antioch to Tarsus took a little over a week and was a fairly easy journey. We crossed through the familiar Syrian Gates of Mt. Amanus and northward to Issus, where Alexander the Great defeated the Persians for good. From there the trip to Tarsus was a leisurely trip across the lower plain of Cilicia.

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