Thursday, June 28, 2007

exerpts from mid-life crisis

I've had a nerd cult novel concept for some time now. It sounds really interesting in a paragraph, but gets mega-boring fast in the actual writing. But, it's for me, and I'm enjoying writing a bit in the now finally slow days of summer (although I was in a meeting from 8 till 2 today ;-(

But there are perhaps a few funny parts--or at least bizarre. I thought I'd post a couple excerpts, since I've not been making my daily quota here.
“But that’s impossible,” I insisted. “That’s what every math teacher in the world says. You can’t divide by 0. 0 never goes anywhere other than 0. It never moves toward 1 or anything else. Every time you add it to itself it still comes up 0.”

“Heard of God?” Agnew sarcastically replied. “Think maybe he can do some things your math teachers can’t?


Sure enough, it was no longer a Λ but had changed into a Δ.

“So now we’re going to make triangles?” I asked.

“I really thought you were smarter than this. Even I know it’s the Greek letter delta. It stands for change. We’ve already made reality. Now we have to make it changeable.”


I noticed that there were now two buttons. The p button was still there, but there was also now a button for infinity: .

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