Saturday, October 24, 2015

Classic Articles on Romans

Because some of my Romans students are taking the class as part of a new residential MA program, I've been feeding them some articles and sources. Here are a few:

The Context of Romans
Krister Stendahl, "Paul and the Introspective Conscience of the West"
Peter Lampe, "The Roman Christians of Romans 16," although I still find Kasemann very tempting.
I also sent them a copy of Dunn's, "The Incident at Antioch"

Righteousness of God
Chapter 6 of What Saint Paul Really Said
Ernst Kasemann's "The Righteousness of God in Paul"
Another important article is Wright's, "On Becoming the Righteousness of God"
Dunn's Romans 1-8 is helpful for 1:16-18 as well, I think

Homosexual Acts in Romans 1
I gave a couple books to a presenter, including Gagnon
Richard Hays has a chapter in Moral Vision

Justification by Works in Romans 2
Wright's out of print commentary is good here, I think.

Faith of/in Jesus
The famous sparring of James Dunn with Richard Hays

Works of Law
I didn't actually send but here are some excerpts I might have:
Dunn mentions both in his preface and in many articles in here
N. T. Wright has one on 4QMMT in here

Chapter 7 of What Saint Paul Really Said (although I think Wright over-does it)

"Lacking the glory"
I didn't but might have copied from Dunn's Romans 1-8 here.

Hilasterion in Romans 3:25
Here's one I could have given them, even if I'm not necessarily convinced

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