Saturday, October 07, 2023

The Week in Review (October 7, 2023)

I have high hopes to get well into Acts today in my translation evaluation work, so I'll try to make quick work of this post.

Good work week. Contracts a'flying. New initiatives a'baking. Students a'cookin. Campus Edu is on a flywheel that, I predict next year at this time, will be spinnin' like crazy.

I'll cryptically say that I continue to watch events at Christian colleges with interest. Change is often an opportunity for improvement, but it can also reflect disintegration. Wondering if anyone is noticing and what their sense of the direction is.

I'm using every drop of extra time to work on this translation evaluation. I didn't advance hardly at all on my book-selling schemes.

US politics is more of the same, same old same old. Conservatives in the House take us to the brink on keeping the government open. The unhinged element in the "Republican" party ousts the Speaker of the House. Now we're in chaos. I don't know if the Democrats will end up liking this play or not. They participated in it no doubt hoping for something more moderate. Will they get it? "The grass is always greener..."

I waiver between disgust and despair.

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