Friday, July 01, 2022

A Tribute to Fallen Chickens (May 9, 2022)

We knew that it was difficult to transport chickens. We had 33 of them when we left NY, believe it or not. If I knew then what I know now, we would still have them all. But we ended up losing four of them on the trip from New York back to Indiana. I want to remember them before I forget.


Millie was a smart Easter Egger. She loved milk worms and was not afraid to jump on your lap to plead for them. 


Cocoa (grey) lived. She was a good friend to Millie, another Easter Egger pictured here next to Millie. We almost lost her on the trip. But she was able to pull out of her dehydrated stupor. She is now back to being the fastest blueberry stealer in the west.


The second fallen one was Sandy, the Ostralorp. Nobody messed with Sandy. We put aprons on a number of the hens because we had too many roosters and they were frankly causing the hens to loose some feathers. But Sandy had a way of not getting bothered. She was a solid soul.

Here's a drive-by of Sandy. She was not as quick to come up to you as some others, unless you had milk worms.


The third fallen was JD, one of my favorites. He and George were Ayam Cemanis. I privately called him the Jesus rooster. He was big and strong enough to beat all the others, but it wasn't his thing. The ladies liked him because he didn't jump on them as much, it seemed. I have a very fun memory of him chasing George around the yard when he had enough. George might have thought himself the superior, but not when JD stood up for himself.

JD was still able to open his eyes when we arrived that fateful morning, but he was not able to drink. He died very soon after our arrival.


George was able to walk for a second after we arrived. Then he lost his standing power. I was able to get him to drink all morning and early afternoon. I fear I gave him too much? Perhaps it was inevitable.

He was a funny bird. He loved to come in the house. He would go in the corner or hide behind something. Here's Cocoa with him inside. He was Angie's favorite, and I liked him a lot too. I have a pair of jeans whose first rip came from him. He would occasionally attack my feet.

He was always getting into fights either with Fred, his big brother, or JD. That took a lot of energy. He would get himself all bloody like a boxer and we'd put flour and blue goo on him.

Farewell to the fallen, May 9, 2022

Here is a final picture with Millie, Sandy, and George in it.


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