Saturday, January 29, 2022

Deconstruction 7.1 -- After the Debate

My discipline of writing a novel called Deconstruction continues, the story of several young people at a Christian college in the years 2016-2020. Here was the last post.


The next day at lunch, our group debriefed from the debate. Jessica hadn’t gone. Such things were far too boring for her. Matt thought that Dr. Todley was the obvious winner. April thought the same about Dr. Baine.

Brad wasn’t sure, nor was I. Dr. Todley’s best arguments had to do with abortion, it seemed to us. But Dr. Baine had made us realize something that had never even occurred to us—America’s past seemed a lot brighter to us because we were white than it probably did to someone of color.

All of us agreed that we would have liked to have heard responses to some of the points the other side made. Matt didn’t feel like Dr. Baine had been clear about when human life began. April wanted to know what Dr. Todley would say about abortion declining more under Democratic presidents. Brad was curious about what Dr. Todley thought Jesus was really like.

A scheme emerged. Matt would have coffee with Dr. Baine, and Brad would do the same with Dr. Todley. We as a group would collect our questions for each one and commission them to ask them. Then we would regroup afterward and share the results.

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