Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Another Chap 4 Excerpt -- Fine Tuning Argument

Plugging a hole in chapter 4. Excerpts from a writing project so far, God with Ten Words


However, regardless of evolution, the particulars of the universe are just right in a Goldilocks kind of way that simply boggles the mind. For example, if our universe had more mass, it would have crunched before any solar systems or planets could form, and we would not be here. If the universe had less mass, it would have ripped apart before any solar systems or planets could form. Frankly, the fact that we have matter at all is good fortune in itself. If the early universe had been completely symmetrical, all matter and antimatter would have annihilated itself into energy, and we would not be here.

Why does the universe operate on the basis of an inverse square law? Both the force of gravity and electricity increase or diminish in relationship to the inverse square of the distance between objects. If it were an inverse cube relationship or a one-to-one relationship, nothing would work in the universe. Atoms can exist because the gravitational force is weak, the electromagnetic force is strong, and the strong nuclear force is very strong but only works at a very small distance. Everything is just right or the atom wouldn't work... and we would not be here.

The universe expanded just right for some helium to form early on but for most of it to remain hydrogen so stars could form. The process by which helium can fuse together is just right for carbon to form in supernovas. If none of these aspects to the universe were not just right, we would not be here.

An atheist would not deny any of these things. They would perhaps invoke what is called the anthropic principle. Yes, it is highly unlikely. But, hey, we’re here having this conversation so we must just be lucky. The only plausible way to deal with the sheer improbability of such things by chance is to invoke the concept of a multiverse. Maybe there is some universe bubble machine that is constantly spitting out random universes. Maybe there are countless, nearly infinite dead universes out there that did not work. We are here because we just happen to be on the extremely, extremely lucky one that actually can work.

Or, we can believe that there was an Intelligence that designed the universe to be just right. And this Intelligence we call God. It is thus perfectly reasonable to believe both that God exists and that God is all-knowing.

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