Friday, September 27, 2019

Language of God I

I'm teaching an online Science and Scripture course from October to December (more to come). So I'm pulling some books off my shelf and have purchased even more in preparation. A classic, although not even 15 years old, is Francis Collins' The Language of God. I don't think I'll have time to blog through the whole thing, but here is chapter 1.
  • Interesting that the human genome was cracked six months into this millennium--3 billion letters long
  • Bill Clinton: "most wondrous map ever produced by humankind... We are learning the language in which God created life." (4)
  • "The goal of this book is to explore a pathway toward a sober and intellectually honest integration" of scientific and spiritual perspectives. (6)
  • In chapter 1 he charts his pilgrimage. Chemistry to medicine, agnosticism to atheism.
  • Then he speaks of his awakening.
C. S. Lewis' Mere Christianity was what pulled him in. He found his pathway to faith looking like that of Lewis. I am delighted that he came to faith. The moral argument seems to have done the trick for him.

For me, the fine tuning argument is the most persuasive, and I still find the cosmological argument significant. However, the moral argument has never grabbed me, nor has Lewis for that matter. No matter. I have no desire here to question Lewis or Collins.

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Martin LaBar said...

surely God can use all sorts of people, experiences, and other entities to draw people to Himself, depending on who is to be drawn.