Thursday, April 03, 2014

#40daybible Day 29 (Mark 1:1-8:30)

Today's reading covers the first half of the Gospel of Mark, Mark 1:1-8:30.

Some thoughts:
  • I thought the introduction to this section was driven by tradition rather than induction. The comment to the reader of Mark in Mark 13:14 possibly suggests that Mark was written no earlier than the early stages of the Jewish War, which started around AD66. 
  • Mark hits the ground running with the baptism of John the Baptist.
  • 1:14-15 gives us Jesus primary message while he ministered on earth: the kingdom of God is coming. Repent and believe in this good news.
  • Mark doesn't seem to put most of the events in order. But he gives us a good sampling of the kinds of things that Jesus did in his proclamation of the good news that the kingdom of God was arriving.
  • Jesus healed people.
  • Jesus cast out demons
  • He showed power over nature.
  • Jesus called and trained followers.
  • Jesus tried to redeem the lost.
  • He got into conflict with religious leaders.
  • He taught in parables.
  • The turning point of Mark is when Peter confesses that Jesus is the Christ.
Personal moment:
  • Mark 7 has been fairly significant for my theology for some time now.  Evil is a matter of the heart. It is something on the inside that comes out. It is not, technically, a matter of the things we do on the outside. Our actions embody our intentions.
  • I might also add that 7:3 (and 7:19) indicate that the audience of Mark was Gentile.

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