Thursday, August 16, 2012

Psalm 11 Translation

Psalm 11
[To the leading musician, a psalm (attributed) to David]
11:1 In YHWH I have trusted.
     How will you say to my soul,
     "Flee, bird, to your mountain"?
2 For, behold, the wicked bend [their] bow;
     they prepare their arrow on the string
     in order to shoot secretly the upright of heart.
3 For [if] the columns are thrown down,
     what will the righteous [person] do?
4 YHWH [is] in the temple of his holiness;
     YHWH [is] in the skies of his throne.
     His eyes will see;
     his eyelids examine the sons of Adam.
5 YHWH will examine the righteous one,
     but the wicked and the one who loves doing wrong, his soul hates.
6 Rain down snares on the wicked,
     violent fire and sulphur
     and tempest, the portion for their cup.
7 For the Righteous [one], the LORD, loves righteousness;
     the upright person, he will look on his face.

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