Thursday, August 30, 2012

Competencies of a Minister

1. A sense of calling and vocation
2. Good personal priorities
3. A personal and corporate spirituality/relationship with God
4. A sense of how people change, who you are, who you should become, how to get there
5. A sense of how culture affects ministry on every level
6. Knowledge of biblical content
7. Ability to apply Scripture with integrity
8. Knowledge of orthodox Christian theology and how to apply it
9. Knowledge of denominational/church theology and how to navigate it
10. Sense of both global and local Christian history to give perspective, wisdom to draw on
11. Ability to lead, manage, and administrate a local church
12. Knowledge and skills to relate properly to denominational/church political context
13. Ability to participate in God's local and global mission (serving, evangelizing, multiplying)
14. Ability to facilitate the worship of a local community
15. Ability to facilitate a congregation's experience of the Word of God
16. Ability of how to facilitate the corporate formation of everyone in a congregation (discipleship)
17. Ability to facilitate good relationships and individual wholeness in a congregation
18. The ability to assess every area of ministerial life and implement appropriate changes

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John C. gardner said...

Do these virtues or competencies realistically mean that too much is expected of our pastors(i.e. could anyone realistically achieve these competiencies)?