Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wesley Seminary now in ATS

Last night Wesley Seminary (@IWU) was officially voted in as Associate Members of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).  President Henry Smith of IWU and of course our fearless leader Wayne Schmidt were here for the event.  Our MDIV degree was approved three years ago by the Higher Learning Commission, but this membership represents an important benchmark in our maturity as a theological institution.

We now begin the accreditation process with ATS.  The association recognizes that the face of theological education--and education in general--is changing and will actually consider today and tomorrow changes that coincide fairly nicely with the way we have designed our program.  In fact, the ATS magazine In Trust has mentioned us more than once as an example of where much of theological education is going.  Our own Joanne Solis-Walker is featured in the edition they passed out last night.

Many thanks to God for a seamless coming to this significant point in our development!

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