Sunday, November 13, 2011

McKnight 10: Gospeling Today

Next is chapter 9 of Scot McKnight's King Jesus Gospel

Intro: Evangelism Explosion
Chap. 1: The Big Question: What is the Gospel?
Chap. 2:Gospel Culture vs Salvation Culture
Chap. 3:From Salvation to Story
Chap. 4: The Gospel of Paul
Chap. 5: Salvation Takes Over the Gospel
Chap. 6: The Gospel in the Gospels
Chap. 7: Jesus and the Gospel
Chap. 8 The Gospel of Peter

Now the second to last chapter: "Gospeling Today."

This chapter is really what the entire book is headed toward. If Scot is right about the gospel--and in my mind he is far more correct than the popular sense of gospel as "how to get saved"--what is the right way for us to look at the gospel today?

First, what is the gospel?  Here is a summary of the book thus far:

  • It is framed by Israel's story.
  • It centers on the Lordship of Jesus.
  • It summons people to respond.
  • It saves and redeems.

What does it summon to?  It summons others to confess Jesus as Lord and Messiah.  "Anyone who can preach the gospel and not make Jesus' exalted lordship the focal point simply isn't preaching the apostolic gospel" (134).

It is driven by the story of Israel.  "Acts has only hints of an atonement theology" (134).  "Neither Peter nor Paul focuses on God's wrath" (135).  "If kingdom is the solution, the problem was the absence of God's kingdom on earth" (137), not my individual sinfulness.

Bottom line: "There's not enough Jesus in our gospel" (145).  "We need to talk more about Jesus."

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