Monday, November 14, 2011

Finishing King Jesus Gospel

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The final chapter is called, "Creating a Gospel Culture."  It has two basic parts.  In the first part, Scot sketches the gospel story from creation to Jesus' return.  The second is his take-away from the study, what would a "Gospel Culture" look like.  Here are his points:

1. We become people of the story.  We read Scripture.  We become people of the Book.

2. We immerse ourselves in the story of Jesus.  Here he interestingly suggests we follow a church calendar because "the church calendar is a gospeling event too" (154).  The church calendar is all about the story of Jesus.

3. We learn from the model of how the apostle's took the story of Israel and the story of Jesus into the next generation and into a different culture... all the way to our generation.

4. We need to counter the stories that crowd out and re-frame the gospel story.  Here he gives a list:

  • individualism
  • consumerism
  • nationalism
  • moral relativism
  • scientific naturalism
  • new age
  • postmodern tribalism
  • salvation by therapy
Ways to do this--emphasize baptism and communion.

5. We need to embrace the story so that we are saved and can be transformed by the story.  To embrace the story involves a life of communication with God (prayer).  It involves serving others in love and compassion.

Here endeth the reading.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. That's a lot of lifting to get to "serving others in love and compassion." Perhaps he should have started with Corinthians 13 instead of 15. If a Christian has the love that the King Jesus demanded in Mark 12:28-33, it seems like the rest would follow.