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New Testament Intersections 7: Miscellaneous DSS

Previous posts in this series include:

Most Apocrypha and Alexandrian Literature
Enochic Literature and 4QMMT
Covenant of Damascus
Community Rule
Qumran Hymns
Pesher Commentaries

Maybe second to last post in run through the Dead sea Scrolls. I hope on Monday to summarize what I think the rather impressive take-away from this run through the Dead Sea Scrolls might be.

Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice (4QShirShab)
1. About heavenly worship but is coordinated with the offering of earthly sacrifices

2. Heavenly temple, including Holy of Holies

3. ministers of God’s presence make expiations (cf. TLevi 3)

4. called “elohim”—”gods” (e.g., 4Q403)

5. anticipates Merkabah mysticism (esp. 4Q405)

New Testament Intersections
1. Colossians 2:18— "worship of angels” might mean not worshipping angels but mystical participation with the angels in their worship

2. Hebrews 1—It has been suggested that behind Hebrews repeated contrasts of Christ with angels might be an over-preoccupation of the audience with angels.

3. Hebrews 9-10-- the idea that God dwells in the Most Holy Place of heaven

4. mysteries again (4Q403)

Words of the Heavenly Lights (4Q504)
You sent your Holy Spirit on us (5)

Messianic expectation using Deut. 18 and Num. 24)

1. Collection of texts generally connected to the Messiah, including 2 Samuel 7:14, Amos 9:11, and Psalm 2.

2. These three texts are all used in the New Testament (Acts and Hebrews) in relation to Jesus.

3. Might (although perhaps not) support collections of sayings such as Q is alleged to be and the Gospel of Thomas was. More accurately a set of related verses with pesher interpretation.

4. "works of the Law" related to the functioning of the sanctuary.

5. Belial, sons of light cont...

Son of God fragment (4Q246)
Predicts a “Son of God,” a “Son of the Most High” like Luke 1:32, 35

A Messianic Apocalypse (4Q521)
1. May not be sectarian

2. Speaks of reviving and raising the dead

3. Quotes Isaiah 61:1 as Luke 4

Pseudo-Ezekiel (4Q385)
1. not obviously sectarian

2. literal resurrection?

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