Thursday, December 07, 2006

Philippians in a Nutshell

Also for the final:

Hi, I'm Paul, and you're the Philippians. Hello!

I'm in chains right now, not sure the outcome.

But to live is Christ; to die is gain.

Be of one spirit. In fact here's a hymn:

[Christ though divine emptied himself...] Have that attitude.

So work together to make it to salvation with fear and trembling.

Be like Timothy and Epaphroditus, both good eggs.

Beware of the dogs, the circumcision.

I have a good circumcision resume...

But these credentials mean nothing next to Christ. I'm not resurrected yet but am pressing on hoping to attain it.

Imitate me.

So rejoice!

Tell Eudodia and Syntyche to get along.

Be content whatever your circumstances.

Thanks for the gift!


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