Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Harry Shepherd Prophecy 9

The ninth installment of my grandfather Shepherd's 1960 prophecy book, copied here without comment.
The Palestinian stage was now set for the working out of the Third Phase* of a Jewish return to the land. This phase would be the ceasing of the Mandate and the control of the land coming into Jewish hands and the setting up of a new nation and a mass immigration of Israel from all parts of the earth. But this Third Phase was to meet with terrible opposition. During the great war England made two opposite commitments to two different peoples. To the Arabs, through Colonel Lawrence, she promised to maintain the present status of them if they would rebel against the Turks. To the Jews, through the Balfour Declaration, she promised her support of the Zionist idea of Palestine as a National Home for the Jews. Trying to carry water on both shoulders caused trouble and plagued the British administration of the Palestinian Mandate. Eventually she favored the Arabs above the Jews because this course seemed to be more to English interests and practically counteracted the Balfour Declaration. Thus she let down God's cause and purpose for the Holy Land and abetted the conflict between Arabs and Jews which began centuries before in the household of Abraham at the weaning time of Isaac, the father of Israel, when Ishmael (the father of the Arabs) made fun of Isaac. In May 1939, shortly before the outbreak of World War II in the same year, the British Government inaugurated its MacDonald White Paper policy* by which only 75,000 Jews would be permitted immigration into Palestine in the five following years. The yearly rate was to be 10,000 with 25,000 refugee cases being added. Then there was to be no more immigration of Jews without Arab consent. By this policy the death knell was rung for Jews fleeing under Hitler’s purge. They tried to flee his gas chambers, crematory ovens and tortures, to Palestine but many were turned back by the British navy and could not enter the land. Certainly many of the six million that perished would have entered if it had not been for the White paper policy. After the second great war ended in 1945 the blunders of English administration of the Mandate drove the Jews into terrorist practices until needless deaths of British soldier boys in Palestine stirred up a public sentiment back home which brought the British surrender of the Mandate, May 15, 1948.

With the passing of the Mandate came immediately the new Jewish state. The forerunner of it was the Jewish Agency† of the Zionist Movement. In the early days (1923) of the British Mandate the Jewish Agency had been suggested by Dr. Weizmann but it did not begin to function till 1929. It was to be the instrument of Zionism for the Holy Land. The one who was President of Zionism's Organization was to be the Jewish Agency President. The end of the Mandate actually came at midnight Friday, May fourteenth. Eleven minutes later President Harry Truman recognized* Israel as a nation—6:11 P.M. New York time, 12:11 A.M. Palestine time. The next morning on the Jewish Sabbath, officials of the Jewish Agency instituted the new Jewish Nation, David Ben Gurion, a Russian Jew, became the first Prime Minister, and a nation was born in a day. But God the third time had verified His first promise to Abraham to make him a (great) nation.

* Gleaned from "The Fall and Rise of Israel", by W. L. Hull, page 120, used by permission.

* MacDonald White Paper policy truth taken from “The Fall and Rise of Israel”, pages 204, 210, and 234, used by permission.

† Truth about Jews Agency obtained from “The Fall and Rise of Israel”, by Wm. L. Hull, pages 151 and 158, used by permission.

* Truth about President Truman recognizing the new Israeli nation, its first Prime Minister and the Law of (Jewish) Return, gleaned from "The Fall and Rise of Israel", pages 316, 323, and 350, used by permission.

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